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I'm Chelsea

Hi! I’m Chelsea. A fun-lover, go-getter, wife of my hero, mom of 2 crazy little boys and who we call our little bear cub, 1 year old daughter. I love coffee, pizza and pina coladas (not all together but am down to give it a try!) Though I don't look the part, I am a huuuge fly fisherwoman. I even tie my own flies. There's something about standing in a river that is so serene. I love it.
 Colorado has always been home, but I have the wanderlust bug something fierce! I have SO many places on by bucket list (who doesn’t?!) I believe that “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” –Helen Keller Whether you’re globetrotting or playing hide and seek with your 4 year old, life is nothing short of an adventure. 


A few of my favorite things

If I get into a book, you will probably not see me until it is finished. I’m known to finish a book in just a couple of days. My favorites are old finds at a thrift store.

a good book

I know a lot of people who have the wanderlust bug. My bucket list includes Redwood forest and Yosemite. And yes, we will be in our camper fly fishing the whole way :) The best way to travel is with the kiddos and the pups.


Although I don’t claim to be a great singer, i really do love to sing. Weather it be in church or jamming in the car with my kiddos. Singing is a big part of me. 


I'm fairly new to fly fishing. A good friend introduced us. But man i fell in love HARD. Being catch and release I can catch as many fishies as I want and then let them go <3 

fly fishing