outsourcing for photographers

As a wedding photographer myself, I understand the overwhelm when your workload becomes HUGE. Summertime equals staring at your computer screen trying to get all your editing done. On top of editing, there’s blogging and every other thing that needs to be done to run a business smoothly. This is where I come in. I am here to help you get the work done. 

Get your life back

I understand the worry of just “handing over” your editing. You still have all the creative control. The advantage of choosing a private editor is that my process is custom to you. Your images will come back looking exactly how you would have done it. With all the extra time you gain, you’ll be able to focus more on your clients and other areas in your business and life! 

let's chat!

what to expect

First thing’s first. I want to get to know YOU and understand your style. A simple phone call or video chat will be all the difference in giving you peace of mind.

All images are edited in Lightroom and are transferred by working with Smart Previews and Dropbox.

$.36 per image with a 500 image minimum

Fast turn around of only 5 days

I’ll use any presets you may have and I will crop and adjust to match your specific style.

Contact me for more detailed information!